Sofie Forsberg

2D/3D game artist


I was one of three artists working on this project at Filimundus game studio, it is the third game in a series of children's mobile games featuring writer and illustrator Sven Nordqvist's tales of Pettson and Findus. The heaviest workload consisted of animation and laying out a clear composition.

We worked together with Sven Nordqvist on creating the graphics, the creature to the left was painted by him. My job was then to alter the figure to fit the environment, painting the props, i.e. the diver suit, and a few facial expressions in the same style as Sven.

The character was then split to pieces and rigged in Unity for animation.

One of the levels I was responsible for, Knitting. I wanted to do something quirky and fun, with a general wholesome feeling to it. So I figured it'd be a fun idea to do something with all those loose feathers laying about the Henhouse.

All characters have been rigged and animated Jumping Jack-style. An example of the unique graphics created for this level is the featherdress that can be seen at the beginning and the end.


Dinozards is a couch multiplayer game made in 7 weeks as a student project during my time at Future Games. I acted mostly as a 3D artist during these weeks but helped out with 2D works if needed. I ended up taking a form of "art lead" roll to bridge communication between the 2D and 3D artist, as I was the only one who had experience in both fields. 

We held a student expo at Dreamhack and won two SGA awards in 2019, it was amazingly fun to see so many people enjoying the game.

Creating the Dinozard

As a development team we worked to take part in as many of the phases and areas as possible. Communication between the "departments" was a big focus to tie the game together.

However, the area I spent most time in was in the creation of our character. From the first sketches together with 2D to form the design, then the modeling, texturing, rigging, animation and testing in the engine.  

Scene props

I made a few assets as well for the environment. My favourite was this T-rex skull.

As the project progressed we ended up changing the level layout a few times and unfortunately the skull can barely be seen in the final version.

Animal Fun Park

I was one of two graphic artists working on the start of this project at Filimundus game studio. With such a small crew we had to work independently and communicate well with both producer and developers. It's a series of mini games that you can play with your friends.

Animal Fun Park: Western Showdown

My responsibilites for this mini-game were to take it from an early sketch, presented by another artist, to the Unity scene for QA. This included further design, inventing more assets, creating and animating both 2D and 3D graphics. Done with Maya, Photoshop and Unity.

Animal Fun Park: Fifi's Fast Food

Here I sketched out the design and character based on a game idea from the Producer. I was in charge of creating the final assets, prefabs, animation tree and particle effects. Done using Photoshop and Unity.

Samurai Shibe

Work in progress

Just a personal project for fun. I am currently in the retopology phase

Watercolor paintings

I like to draw and paint and occasionally do commissions

Email: sofie@sforsberg.com

instagram @lyicheee

Email: sofie@sforsberg.com

instagram @lyicheee