3D horse

Was originally meant for a Western game a few friends of mine were making. I wanted to try my hands on something realistic and to tackle hair planes.

All textures are handpainted.

Horse and hair ~15k tris with a 2k texture map

Done with Zbrush, Maya, Photoshop, Xnormal and Substance painter.

Animal Fun Park

I was one of two graphic artists working on this project in its beginning while working at Filimundus. With such a small crew we had to work independently and communicate well with both producer and developers.

Western Showdown

My responsibilites for this mini-game were to take it from an early sketch, presented by another artist, to the Unity scene for QA. This included further design, inventing more assets, creating and animating both 2D and 3D graphics. Done with Maya, Photoshop and Unity.

Guncannon texture

Fish faucet

A part of a bigger fountain found in the ruins of an ancient civilization. Personal project.

1.8k tris

1k texture


My goal was to sculpt a realistic dungbeetle.

During design I decided to combine two existing species, the Scarabaeus Sacer and the Gyronotus Perissinotto. This was mainly because the Perissinotto is very rare and not very documented but has a very neat look that I wanted to work with as much as possible.


75cm tall anatomical study. Made with Chavant, medium, during a summercourse.

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